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Solar Water Heating

Rising energy costs and environmental concerns have put a new focus on renewable energy. In many climates, a solar water heating system can provide up to 85% of your domestic hot water energy. With our technological innovations, modern residential solar hot water systems are extremely efficient at harnessing energy from the sun to heat water. In fact, dollar for dollar, a solar hot water system is more affordable and provides greater energy output than any other form of renewable energy for your home.


Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you're taking steps to help preserve our environment with the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient solar technology.

SOLAHART For most households, hot water is the largest energy cost and cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Solar and heat pump water heaters use much less energy and therefore produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than electric conventional water heaters.


Solahart's most efficient model, the Kf Series, produces up to 3.5 tones less greenhouse gas emissions every year than an electric storage heater. That's the equivalent of taking a small car off the road.


By choosing the right Solahart system, you can lower your energy bills, save money, and reduce environmental impact without compromising lifestyle.

SOLENE Using energy from the sun to heat water is one of the oldest uses of solar energy. Today, millions of homes and businesses around the globe use solar water heating systems.


Harnessing energy from the sun makes sense. Consumers currently use more than 50 trillion kilowatt-hours of power every year - and yet the sun provides enough energy to meet the world's energy needs for a whole year in less than one hour! Put that kind of energy to work in your home with a reliable, energy-efficient Solene water heater. Watch your power bills shrink, knowing that you're capturing one of nature's purest sources of energy for your home.


SunX Solar Systems provides complete solar solutions throughout San Diego and southern California.


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